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Corporate governance

Orión Fibra-E has a solid corporate governance aligned with the “Corporate Governance Principles of the OECD and the G20”, promoting its essential elements to incorporate best practices.


Holders Assembly

Crowd of People

All shareholders of the same class enjoy equal treatment. Capital structures and systems are disclosed that allow certain shareholders to acquire a disproportionate level of influence or control with respect to their participation.

Technical committee

Business Meeting

They perform key functions such as reviewing and guiding corporate strategy, annual budgets and business plans, as well as overseeing investment in fixed assets, acquisitions and major divestitures. Made up exclusively of independent members

Conflicts / Investments / Nominations Committees

Professional Handshake

Specialized committees that support functions such as risk management, audits and remuneration.

Integridad en el Cumplimiento Corporativo


Con el fin de elevar la calidad y la competitividad de los servicios que realizamos, contamos con un marco de actuación interno basado en un Código de Ética y en una Política Anticorrupción, que tienen por objeto reflejar los valores corporativos y principios básicos que guían la conducta de sus colaboradores, y demás personas relacionadas en sus actividades.

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